Now, more than ever…RIP King John

One of the early questions I asked God, in this process of relaunching Faces With Names was, “Do you really need me to care for orphans and widows in Uganda?” The very quick response I felt in my spirit was, No. I just need you to be obedient.

I am finding this journey I am on with God, and my role with FWNI, is truly about obedience, trust, surrender, faith, and the list goes on. 

As I have shared with you, in one of the lowest seasons of my life, God sent a king to remind me that the King of kings had not forgotten about me. 

I think the reason we had such an immediate connection was, our hearts shared the same burden for the care of orphans and widows. 

This unique relationship has lead us to laying the foundation to serve over 1500 orphans and 1200 widows in Uganda, and countless number of orphans and widows even beyond Uganda.

Now, more than ever, we are committed to carrying on the legacy King John showed throughout his life as a pastor, a bishop, and as a king.

Early Sunday morning, I received a very unwanted message from Queen Sarah, that King John, had passed away from complications from Covid-19.

Farewell, King John Chrysostom Wayabire

Although my heart is heavy, and I mourn the loss of someone who has become a good friend,I rejoice in the fact, he is with Jesus. And without question, heard the words, well done, my good and faithful servant.

Our Mission & Vision at Faces With Names International remains the same:

Our Mission: To help orphans and widows move beyond a life of survival, and thrive, to fulfill their God given purpose.

Our Vision: To allow you, the opportunity to care for orphans and widows in their distress.

Now, more than ever, it is vital we take up the banner King John has carried, to serve the orphans and widows under his care, in Uganda.

None of this comes as a surprise to God. I am thankful we are positioned to carry on this important calling we find in James 1:27, and invite you to join us.

I believe God has put in place for us to also care for King John’s wife and children, who now find themselves as orphans without a father, and a widow without a husband.

Now, more than ever, we need your help! We cannot fulfill this calling without people like you, who believe in what we are doing, and are willing to partner with us financially.

We continue our “Know My Name,” monthly donor campaign in honor and memory of King John. Will you join us, in helping to continue his legacy?

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​Cheering You On In Christ,

Eric Mills


Faces With Names International

Know My Name…

A motorcycle ride, just before midnight, in Kathmandu, Nepal, changed the course of my life. 

As I climbed on the back of the motorcycle with one of our ministry partners, I wanted to see with my own eyes, the orphans on the streets of Kathmandu. My life would never be the same when I looked into their eyes and learned their names. 

We did not even make it a quarter of a mile before we encountered our first group of children. Each boy was sitting inside of a small box and the rest of the cardboard was being used to fuel the fire. 

One young boy answered the questions being asked of him. His name was Robin, and he was 12 years old. He told us he had been on the streets on his own, since the age of 2. I was still trying to process the fact that this 12 year old boy was out on the streets close to midnight, when I heard he had been on his own since the age of 2. 

Center, on the curb – Robin (12 years old)

This experience brought to life a quote I had heard from David Platte, which says:

“We learned orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” 

On this night, everything did change for me. I was confronted with the faces, the names, & the stories of orphans on the streets, and I was not alright with it all.

And this is how, Faces With Names, came into existence. 

My heart and desire has always been to make the orphan real to people, to you. Not just a statistic, not just someone else’s problem or responsibility. 

Last week, I tried to be as open, honest and vulnerable as I could with you as I shared about this renewed calling I heard from God while driving a forklift at Walmart.

As I write this email, I come with the same vulnerability and humility, asking you to join us on our journey in laying the foundation of serving orphans and widows in Uganda and beyond.

Our monthly partners will be the life blood of all we will be able to accomplish, with God’s help, through Faces With Names International.

We have put together a simple chart for you to consider where you might join us:

May I share a moment of brutal honesty? I hope you answered yes, because here it goes. There is an element of my pride and ego that hates having to rely on others to do what God has called me to do. 

But as God has chiseled away my pride and ego in preparation for what we are doing, I believe wholeheartedly, I have the privilege to invite you to join us in raising up a new generation of leaders, who once held the stigma of being called orphans and widows, to now fulfilling their God given purpose.

Our vision statement comes straight from the verse, James 1:27, which is the Biblical mandate to care for orphans and widows. 

Our vision: To give you the opportunity to care for orphans and widows in their distress.

I truly believe that everyone who partners with us in prayer and giving is truly living out the Biblical mandate to care for orphans and widows in their distress.

Will you be 1 of the 176 monthly partners who allow us to fulfill our mission and vision through Faces With Names International?

Our goal this first week is to see 25 new monthly donors, at any level, join our team and partner with us. 

 If you have considered partnering with us, or been on the fence, would you jump into the deep end with us as we rely on God to provide all we need.

I don’t take for granted what it means for you to give of your resources. I give my full fledge promise, we will be good stewards of every dollar entrusted to us!

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Cheering You On In Christ,

Eric Mills


Faces With Names International

What I learned working at Walmart…

My ego was shot, and my confidence crushed. I distinctly remember the words I told my wife and kids after being hired at Walmart. 

“Do not tell anyone I am working at Walmart!” 

After experiencing one of the most difficult years of my life in 2019, 2020 seemed like it was off to a great start. I had been contacted by an organization who works with orphans in Uganda, to consider a position as their Child Sponsorship Director. 

My natural thought was, I had just recently met a king from Uganda and had the privilege of having him stay with our family, and this is how God must be leading me to work in Uganda.

When I wasn’t selected for the position, it felt like what was a good start to 2020, was now an unwanted continuation of 2019. 

A couple months later, the Executive Director of the Uganda ministry I had interviewed with, gave my name to another organization looking for an Executive Director for their work with orphans in another African country.

And then came Covid! 

My meeting with this organization took place just a couple weeks before the lockdown started for Covid. I was at the end stages of the house renovation I was on and out of money to pay myself.

And thats when I saw Walmart was hiring on the spot at our nearby distribution center. Do you remember the empty shelves at Walmart?

Halfway through the second day on my new job, just after lunch, I was standing with my coworkers to clock back in, when one of the ladies asked, is it true that you’re a pastor?To this day, I still dont know how they became aware I was a pastor.

But it became very evident to me, very quickly why God had me in my new role, driving a forklift.

As I was still struggling with my ego, I came across a video about a guy who was dying from Covid in a hospital in Ireland. As this guy shares his story about the “Cleaner” coming into his room, what we would call a “Janitor,” I was crushed and in tears. 

The “Cleaner” was the only other person besides the doctors and nurses allowed into the Covid rooms. This “Cleaner” had returned to Ireland from serving as a missionary in Nigeria for fourteen years. As the “Cleaner” asked and was given permission to pray for this guy, he started getting better that night. 

I couldnt help but think and put myself in the “Cleaner’s” shoes and wonder if he was asking the same thing I was asking God. For all these years God, I have faithfully served You, and now the only job I can get is as a “Cleaner,” or working at Walmart? 

Here is the link to the actual video I watched, if you are interested:

After I was done feeling sorry for myself and set my ego aside, I realized God had me right where He wanted me and around the people He wanted me to know. And so I went from, don’t tell anyone I work at Walmart, to God has given me this amazing opportunity to work at Walmart.

The first lesson I learned was: God never wastes an opportunity to put me right where I need to be and use me as He wants, when my perspective is right. 

Once I had asked God to forgive me for my pride and ego and simply surrendered and stated, God use me however you want to use me, wherever you want to use me, everything changed.

A couple months later, as I was driving the forklift on one of our many fourteen hour days, I felt the Holy Spirit began to speak to my heart about partnering with a king to serve over 1500 orphans and 1200 widows in Uganda.

As crazy as the idea felt to me, I was wondering how I was going to convince my wife, this is what I was hearing from God. 

As I prayed and grappled with this idea myself, the question I asked God was, “Do you really need me to care for orphans and widows in Uganda?” The very quick response I felt in my spirit was, No. I just need you to be obedient. 

And so it took me driving a forklift at a job I was originally, completely embarrassed to have, to speak to me about caring for orphans and widows in Uganda and beyond.

The second lesson I learned was: Sometimes God has to allow me to reach my lowest point, before speaking to me about my greatest possibilities. 

The third lesson I learned was:I have a whole new perspective and appreciation for the hardworking people and supply chain processes which allow all of us to go by food whenever we want. It really is amazing!

This was a long but important story for me to chronicle on our journey of relaunching Faces With Names, now Faces With Names International.

As we continue to lay the foundation of serving over 1500 orphans and 1200 widows in Uganda, I want to personally invite you on this journey of obedience with us. 

I humbly ask you to join us as we strive to fulfill our mission & vision: 

To help orphans and widows move beyond a life of survival, and thrive, to fulfill their God given purpose.

To allow you, the opportunity to care for orphans and widows in their distress.

Next week, we will begin a monthly donor campaign which will allow you to join us in making our mission and vision a reality. There is no monthly donation that is too small or too large. We will be providing more information on how you can get involved.

If you are ready to join with us now as a monthly partner, click the button below.

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Thank you in advance for joining us on our journey and making a difference in the lives of orphans and widows!

Cheering You On In Christ,

Eric Mills


Faces With Names International